Frequently Asked Questions about NITI:
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What is Lemon Mint Daily Detox?

Lemon Mint Daily Detox is an herbal infusion of liver detoxifying ingredients designed to restore the liver and purify the body. Lemon Mint Daily Detox is infused with stimulating mint, antioxidant rich lemons, nutrient dense maple syrup, purifying turmeric and grounding cardamom.

The perfect daily detox beverage!


How does Lemon Mint Daily Detox work?

Our  liver gets overworked and burdened by poor food choices, caffeine, alcohol, medication and environmental toxins. All the ingredients in Lemon Mint Daily Detox work in harmony to cleanse and repair the liver. A healthy liver has a lot of work to do, not only as the body's main detoxifying organ, but also for proper digestion of food.  


What are the main functions of the ingredients in NITI's  Lemon Mint Daily Detox

Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Loosens toxic build up in the digestive tract.
  • Daily intake of lemon juice flushes out toxins, improves digestion, circulation and cleanses blood all while aiding in weight loss.


  • Is a great cleanser for the liver and blood and is a well-known digestive aid.
  • Naturally stimulating, mint can improve cognitive function

Maple Syrup

  • Contains manganese and zinc, natural antioxidants
  • Enhances the immune system and prevents liver damage.


  • Is a bitter spice known to cleanse the liver, purify the blood and promote good digestion and elimination.
  • Research shows antioxidant-dense turmeric boosts the liver's ability to remove chemicals.


  • Improves the function of the liver and also cleanses the kidneys and bladder.
  • It is said to rid the body of caffeine


What is your shipping policy?

We are  shipping via UPS from New Jersey for next day delivery. Since our drinks need to stay cold, we can only accommodate the North East from Richmond, Virgina to Boston, Massachusetts with free shipping.

Otherwise shipping fees will apply. I'm sorry :(


Are your drinks gluten free, vegan, NON GMO?

Yes ,NITI's Lemon Mint Daily Detox is gluten free, vegan and Non GMO.


How do I place a wholesale order?

To place a wholesale order, please send inquiries to niti@drinkniti.com